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1. Product Quality Assurance
nbsp   ;Our company strictly follows the ISO9001:2000 standard quality assurance system for product quality control, ensuring compliance with national standards. Our company implements three guarantees for quality during the warranty period of the contract. The warranty period is 12 months after the goods arrive at the site.
   ;We guarantee that the goods provided are brand new, unused, and meet the quality, specifications, and performance requirements specified in the contract in all aspects. We guarantee that the goods provided have been properly installed, operated, and maintained, and will operate well within the lifespan of the goods. Within the specified quality assurance period, we are responsible for any defects or malfunctions caused by defects in design, workmanship, or materials.
2. After sales service commitment:
nbsp   ;During the warranty period, under normal usage conditions, we will promptly repair and replace any quality issues that arise.
nbsp   ;Our company can provide pre-sales services according to user requirements, including designing according to user requirements, providing exterior drawings, answering user inquiries, and assisting users in on-site surveying and mapping.
nbsp   ;If there are any quality issues with the products supplied by our company, we promise to develop a repair plan within 4 hours of working days and send workers out for repair within 48 hours of working days.

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